RoughDraft is an exciting, adrenalin-driven company intent on being a force to be considered with in the graphic communications arena. 

With well refined expertise and experience producing quality professional work, we offer a suite of services designed to optimally communicate with the intended target audience, be it in Advertising, Graphic Design or Internet based communication.

All packaged to inspire confidence in our Client’s products and service offerings. Helping them build stronger and enduring brands along the way.

Why we are different

The strength of RoughDraft lies in the team’s ability to place themselves in the shoes of a client and its customers.

No two clients are the same. And this challenge is what makes RoughDraft’s work so diverse. We change and adapt to the demands of selling brands to people in some of the most diverse cultural mixes in the world.

There is nothing that can accurately define our team but to create new inspirational creations when it come to the word art. Our creative wizards are more comfortable with imagination and with themselves, and you can best witness this show of mental

Playfulness at our brainstorming sessions with our limitless thoughts and ideas which are always unusual and new.

Creative Advertising

We understand marketing tactic formulation that lets you strategically evaluate your organisation's promotion goals and objectives.

Media Planning

Our agency knows that Media Planning and Media Buying will help get more clients with niche interests to cater your message to reach them.

Brand Identity

Your brand distinctiveness is what makes you instantly detectible to your clients. It is the message your clients receive from the brand.

Our Clients


Earl Aldrin 

Creative Designer & Founder

Daphne Chengetai

Account Executive

Jane Moore

Graphic & UI Designer

We know you have something great and we’d love to get involved.

Our team includes great tinkers. You would love to work with them as they are just amazing people